Alright, it doesn't look like much (not like anything now!), but this is as good as it gets. I was born on Ascension day 1970 in a village near Utrecht, in the middle of the Netherlands. I was greeted by my father, mother and sister (I outran the doctor <grin>). I lived there for about six years, after that I moved to east of the country. There I attended technical schools (electrical engineering and electronics), worked in a store and started skydiving on the dropzone which is still my home DZ.

MsNiceGirl.jpg Attending a higher professional education institute in the middle of the Netherlands forced me to move back, to Hilversum in this case. After graduation in Telematics I still had to fulfill my national service. Due to my graduation from higher professional education I could get myself into a special group which was trained to become officers in the Royal Netherlands Navy Reserve. After six weeks of training I was stationed in the middle of Amsterdam. There I teached personnel the very basics of computer technology, and had generally a good time. I'm CCNA certified Since then I worked for a life insurance company as a computer programmer, and now as an embedded software engineer for a large electronics company, building Private Automatic Branch Exchanges.

In November 2001 I got involved with this girl. I'd known Wendy, also a skydiver, for a while, but only about that time we discovered how likeminded we are. That created the trust between us to explore a future together. Until early 2003 she was doing a 6 month tour near Split, Croatia for SFOR. Now we've found the time to live together and share the things in our life.

What more is there to tell? A lot, but I save that for some other time. Just look at the rest of my homepage and you'll learn much more.

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