Drawing dives

Ever wanted to draw up your own divepool? Always wanted to work out the blocks the way they are really flown? Want to create a local competition not based on the official FAI divepool? And you also need it to look good? Well, here's the answer.

This page provides you with downloads of a collection of skydiving related symbols that can help you accomplish this. For example this is block 9 of the FAI divepool how it's done most of the time (on the left) compared to the way drawn in the divepool (on the right):

Block 9

This is an example of a random and a block that are not (yet?) part of the FAI divepool. Nice to use in a fun competition and challenge the experienced teams as well:

Axe Adder

Also the CReWdogs can use this to draw up their dives. Here's the Gatton:


Download section

Currently the symbols are provided in two formats: as a Microsoft® Windows® Visio® stencil and a Portable Network Graphics bitmap. The stencil can be used in Visio®, the bitmap can be used in virtually every drawing program there is.

stencil stampscanopy

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