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The World Team

The World Team
World Team camera flyers
Jake's World Team blog
World Team - Sector 10
World Team - Sector 11
la page des francophones au World Team 2006 World Team 2006 Forum
World Team '06 Slot Map
World record day count

FAI World Cup of Formation Skydiving 2010
FAI World Cup of Formation Skydiving 2009
World Canopy Formation Parachuting Championships (2008)
World Parachuting Championships 2008
Cam Score scoring system
OmniSkore's homepage
4way divepool by Team Fastrax
Skydive radio
Skydiving movies
The Skydiving League
European Skydiving League
Dutch League - FS4 competition
Canopy Piloting
Europian Swooping Tour
Skydive Dubai
Skydive Event Organization System
ParaForum (Dutch)
Canopy Formation World Record
CaTo's Canopy Formation Page
Australian Canopy Relative Work
CRW information
History of canopy formations
Parachute History
The Dream Factory
Para Mag
Skydive Mag
Skydiving Magazine
Strollerweb, 12way & 28way events
Headcorn's FS2 divepool (pdf)
SCM 7.2 FS2/FS4 divepool (pdf)
The Student Skydiver's Handbook
The Best of Sport Parachutist's Safety Journal
Performance Designs
Aerodyne International
Icarus Canopies
Aerokart Windtunnel
Espace Boogie
Canopy Formation spectacle
Veloce Skydive
Airtec Cypres AAD
Cypres II AAD
Vigil AAD
FutureCam Skydive
Camcorder indicator and control systems
Parachutespringen in Nederland
The Parachute Case
Skydive Supplies
Big Air Sportz
Skydive World
Indoor skydive Roosendaal
Speed of a Skydiver (Terminal Velocity)
FAI Parachuting Commission (IPC)
IPC documentation server
4xtremetime skydiving centre
BLiNC Magazine
Bob Buquor Memorial Star Crest Awards


Mijn dropzone
Nationaal ParaCentrum Teuge
Skydive Empuriabrava
Skydive Airkix
Skydive DeLand
ParaCentrum Midden Nederland
Pink Skyvan

Weather information

Satellite images Benelux
nos-TT 702 - weers-/windverwachting Nederland
nos-TT 704 - Meerdaagse verwachting Nederland
nos-TT 707 - meteo Schiphol
The European Aviation Weather Center
Buien Benelux
Buien Europa
WetterOnline Niederschlagsbild: Niederlande
USAFE OWS: Spherics Product Looper
Weather forecast for Netherlands
Real time wind report
Wind forecast
Fronts and Pressure
Current jetstream
Windspeed table for unit conversion
Weather Underground
KNMI: Weerinfo van het KNMI
KNMI Luchtvaartmeteorologie

First Monday
Ars Technica: The PC enthusiast's resource
Slashdot. News for nerds. Stuff that matters.
ACM Queue
Joel on Software painless software management
Debian Times
OSNews, Exploring the Future of Computing
O'Reilly Network -- Developers' hub
Tweak 3D
Informative information for the uninformed
Technology Research News
Kernel Trap
Linux Magazine
u The Inquirer
2600 Magazine
skyXtreme - The Skydive E-Zine
The Register - Biting the hands that feeds IT || technology and culture, from the trenches
OS/2 e-Zine!
Electronic Developer Magazine for OS/2
TechWeb, the technology website
Daemon news
News.Com: Tech News First
News and info on hardware
Ace's Hardware
Sharky Extreme, with online library
Hacker Webzine


Free Programming and Computer Science Books
IBM Redbooks
The Linux Kernel
Dhruvaraj's Free Computer Books's Online Books
Free online books at UPenn
The New C Standard
Implementing CIFS
Dissecting a C# Application - Inside SharpDevelop
Security and Hacking Documentation
Collection of computing related books


Publish Yourself Online
FLOSS Manuals


The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!)
What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic - Free Programmers', Webmasters' and Security Resources
Free2Code Online Programming Community
ACM, The First Society in Computing
The Mailing list ARChives
Wireshark among others mailing list archive
Art of Assembly Language Programming
Bell Labs Computing and Mathematical Sciences Research Division
Smiley Lore :-)
Migration guide of the basic software components on server and workstation computers
Research from The Standish Group
Marcus J. Ranum on Computer Security
Art Tips For Programmers
The IDA Open Source Migration Guidelines
In the Beginning was the Command Line
Rockin' on without Microsoft
Alternative Software Journal
Open Source Initiative
Software Reality
The Programmers Stone
ActiveState programmer network
Computer stupidity
DSP reports and articles
How to be a programmer - Open Source Software Engineering
J�rg's useful and ugly Pages
Free Software Foundation
Windows A Software Engineering Odyssey
Windows Server 2003: The Road To Gold
A Windows developer team members' weblog
Mini Microdoft


Formal methods
The Z notation
NASA Langley Formal Methods Site
They Write the Right Stuff
Code as Design: Three Essays by Jack W. Reeves
Literate Programming
The Silver Bullet: Why Software Is Bad and What We Can Do to Fix It
Extreme Programming: A gentle introduction.
Testing Craft: Where Software Testers Share Techniques
Mathematical Limits to Software Estimation
Third base
Human-Computer Interface Design
Free software and good user interfaces
Why I prefer no tabs in source code
Why I love having tabs in source code
The Cathedral and the Bazaar
The Asynchronous Logic Home Page

Knowledge bases

In Pursuit of Simplicity, the manuscripts of Edsger W. Dijkstra
Bell System Technical Journal, 1922-1983
Programmers Heaven
IBM developerWorks
IBM alphaWorks
Microsoft TechNet
Free Science and Video Lectures Online
Service manuals,electronic components datasheets and equipment schematics database
The Journal of Universal Computer Science


THE CARE AND FEEDING OF FOSS (or, The Lifecycle of Software Technology)
Multics home
SIGSALY Secure Digital Voice Communications in World War II
Computer History Museum
The Computer Refuge
ZX81 Museum
Unix, Windows and Computer Language History
The Language List
How It Works...The Computer



The Source for PERL
The PERL Institute
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
The Perl Advent Calendar
Perl CGI Programs for Educators and Others!


The D-language
Open Source Development for the D Programming Language
The D programming language in Open Source


Standard C
C/C++ reference
C library reference guide
C Operator Precedence and Associativity
C++ Language Tutorial
The International Obfuscated C Code Contest
The Cilk Project, parallel ANSI C





The UNIX System
The GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Linux Jump Start
The Linux Kernel Archives
Weekly Linux Kernel Mailing List digest
Kernel hacker blogs
The linux-kernel mailing list FAQ
UnixTutorials - Unix tutorials for all your needs
HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials
Learning the Shell
Linux VM Documentation
List of Live Linux CDs
Cheap Linux and BSD CDs
Linux from scratch
Linux Standard Base Project
X Window System desktop interoperability
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
Tech-recipes - Unix
Securing Linux Production Systems
Unix/Linux and variants
BigAdmin Linux Collection
O'Reilly Network's
The Creation of the UNIX Operating System
Root Prompt -- Nothing but Unix
Linux Documentation Project
Cross-Referencing Linux - Browse the code
KernelHQ - source code browser
Kernel building and other articles
refcards online
Linux for Windows Developers
A roadmap for developers making the transition to Linux
Getting Started with a Linux Software Development Toolchain
Index of Documentation for People Interested in Writing and/or Understanding the Linux Kernel
iproute2 cheat sheet
Deprecated Linux networking commands and their replacements

Debian GNU/Linux

Main Debian site
Debian Administration Resources
Debian Wiki
Debian forums


OS/2 World.Com
Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education
Welcome to
OS/2 switchboard
SpeedSoft and Sibyl Homepage
OS/2 Assembly Language programming
Mensys op het WEB
The OS/2 API Project


OS Development Tutorials
ReactOS Home
eCos real time OS
RedBoot - complete bootstrap environment for embedded systems
V2 Operating System
Inferno, the 3rd edition
The Extremely Reliable Operating System
Project COSA


Computing and Law
Why I love the GPL
GNU General Public License explained
GNU Free Document License
The Berkman Center for Internet & Society
Chilling Effects Clearinghouse

WWW things

The W3C Markup Validation Service
All HTML tags
Graphics Freebies
Free stock photos
HTML reference pages (Dutch)
WWW schools
The World Wide Web Consortium
IRT knowledge base
CSS cheat sheet
HTTP Made Really Easy
The open source web development site
Animated flags of the world
Webmonkey, the web developer's resource
Visitor Book
Open Journal
Journal script
The Amazing Ribbon-o-Matic
Building a Database-Driven Web Site Using PHP and MySQL
The Web Standards Project
Web Reference
WebDAV resources, Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning
How to Obscure Any URL
Dynamic Drive, JAVA scripts
Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
Multiple-image Network Graphics
Cascading Style Sheets
The 10 Best Resources for CSS
Cookie Central
40 Beautiful Free Icon Sets
The Icon Archive
Carl Davis's HTML Editor Reviews
The HTML Writers Guild Website
The CGI Resource Index
Slicehost VPS tutorials and articles
Area 404

The Internet

Basic networking articles
Whats my IP
RobTex DNS
InterNIC whois
Openrbl: DNSBL, Whois and Route lookup
Museum of broken packets
Fingerprinting Port 80 Attacks: A look into web server and web application attack signatures
Fingerprinting Port 80 Attacks, Part 2
Strange Attractors and TCP/IP Sequence Number Analysis
Long term Internet statistics
Sendmail, the Internet mail network
Warriors of the Net - a movie about TCP/IP
IP Telephony overview
Cable modem reference guide
Understanding the Network Neighborhood
The Moron's Guide to Kerberos
Using ssh-agent with ssh
Broadband reports and forums
Broadband information
Apache HTTP server project
Squid Web Proxy Cache
Web Caching: Making the Most of Your Internet Connection
How to surf at work
The Internet Engineering Task Forces homepage
BANalyzer Online network protocol database
Internet Storm Center
World of Ends. What the Internet Is and How to Stop Mistaking It for Something Else
DoxPara Research
Echelon watch
Netkit, the poor man system for experimenting computer networks
The Honeynet Project
Surviving slashdot'ing with a small server
DDOS attacks technical details and other good articles
IPv6 Forum
The IPv6 BackBone
IPv6 products
IETF documents
Handy hyperlinked RFC collection
Another handy hyperlinked RFC collection

Hardware stuff

Small Form Factor Tech
Mini ITX
Power supplies
Motherboards - The Designing Process
Desktop Graphics Card Comparison Guide
The Definitive BIOS Optimization Guide
For the love of LEDs
CD-Recordable FAQ
RF Globalnet
AMD Home Page
CPU guru's
The world's leading source for pure technical x86 processor information
The hardware book
Data Sheet Catalog
Chip directory
How Auto-negotiation works
All ethernet vendor codes
A circuits database for all Electrical Engineers
Elliott Sound Products
DIY calculator
Heath Robinson Rube Goldberg Computer
Adafruit Industries. All-original DIY electronics kits
LEON SPARC processor
Tom's hardware guide
What's wrong with P4
Connector layouts
General interfacing info
Yost Serial Device Wiring Standard
Your Electronics Open Source


The ATM Forum
All ITU-T Recommendations
European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations
Tekelec Reference Guides (reg req.)
PHS Memorandum of Understanding Group
A resource for packet-switched conversational protocols
GSM association
Telephone Tribute
History of cellphones
Call Progress Tone database
Modem Commands In-depth
Asterisk, The open source Linux PBX
Asterisk Wiki
Asterisk Documentation Project
Spread Spectrum Scene
ISDN info
The DECT pages
Portal devoted to SIP and surrounding technologies
Multiprotocol Label Switching Standard Resource Center
Open Mobile Alliance
Bell System Memorial
ASN.1 homepage
ISO Freely Available Standards

Flight and Space stuff

Basics of space flight
The Columbia Accident Investigation Board
SpaceRef - Your Space Reference space news, games, entertainment and SF
Realtime satellite tracking
NASA watch
More satellite tracking and Iridium flares
Pilot Pointer
Virtual Air Traffic Network
24/7 Live Aviation Radio
EHAM live (RM)
Plane spotter
Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File
The oops list
Complete anotated 777 Flight Deck
Bruges Air College, Full Motion Boeing 737 NG Cockpit
The Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC)
Virtual AGC Home Page
Computing in the Soviet Space Program
Eagle Lander 3D home page
Bradford Robotic Telescope Operations Menu
Personal observations on the reliability of the Shuttle, by R.P. Feynman
Shuttle reference
Dynamics, control and computation


The Official String Theory Web Site
Random Reality
The Particle - The wrong turn that led physics to a dead end
How airplanes fly: a physical description of lift
See How It Flies
The Particle Adventure
Snow crystals
Caltech femtoland

Digital photo/video info


Penim DigiCam
Digital Camera resource guide
Digital Camera Reviews
Photograpy tips
Conceptus Camera Switches
Lenses when skydiving
Photo freeware
f/Calc - Calculator for photographic formulas


Unofficial DVD+R / DVD+RW site
Doom9 - The definitive DVD backup resource
DVSpot, consumer DV camcorder reviews
Camcorderinfo, camcorder reviews, DV, video production
Video production technology page
Learn how to select & use video equipment to produce & edit video productions
Digital Video Primer
Lurkertech, about video and stuff
HDTV & Digital Television
VGA vs TV lines
What is Deinterlacing? Facts, solutions, examples
TV and Video Resolution

File stores

The Free Site
shareware from -- the way to find shareware on the Internet
Tucows network
Freshmeat, open source software
Better fonts
Goodie Domain Service
DOS Games Page
Mega 16-bit Freeware List
IFDC FileGate
GNU's Savannah projects e-Print archive, Physics, Math, Comp. science
Book case, a huge software library
Tiny apps
Small, Floppy-based Linux Distributions
SmoothWall, a firewall operating system distribution based on Linux

Ref. stuff

Learn Linux Project
MIT OpenCourseWare
Loads of Linux Links
Link of the Day
Command line reference for Windows, Bash, Oracle, and SQL Server
Wotsit's File Format Collection
FILExt - The File Extension Source
FileFormatInfo The Digital Rosetta Stone
How Stuff Works
eConsultant : Ultimate Web Developer Lists, Web 2.0 Directory, Technical Tips and Lists
World Wide Phone, Electric, Internet, Dialing etc. guide
Remote central
Everything, the knowledge web
Free dictionary
Trade Tricks
Monitor specifications database
Cheat Sheets
Common Errors in English
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods
The Mathematical Atlas
Planet Math
NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions
WikiPedia Mathematics
Symbol Encyclopedia
esp@cenet, the patent database
Object Identifier (OID) Repository
A painless guide to CRC error detection algorithms
Jim Price's handy reference page
online encyclopedia and search engine dedicated to computer technology
UTF-8 and Unicode FAQ
An outsider's introduction to Fonts
Computer Science Directory
The best programming books
Seoul national University Seminars Archi & Net lab
Data and Telecom protocol reference
Network Dictionary
The Ralf Brown interrupt list on-line
Information Technology Professional's Reference Center
The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
Wayne's Windows Administrator Support
A parent's primer to computer slang
Default Password List
ISO3166 Country Codes
Beej's Guide to Network Programming


Search the net

KwMAP - A Keyword Map for the Whole Internet
Scirus - Science search engine
Welcome to krugle - your place to find code and technical content
The hotbot search engine
Alta Vista: Main Page

Babel Fish
Map24 - Online map
Currency Services
Text and image conversion, online tools
Zamar - free online file conversion
Time and Date
Physics and Astronomy Reference
Euro Bill Tracker
Online Agenda, WAP enabled
Pastebin, public clipboard

Fun stuff

Dumb Laws
Bert is evil!
Dark Roasted Blend
Bore me
John Cleese
Virtual beer server
The Generatror Blog
Celebrity Interviews on network technology
Tech support comedy
A depressed web server
A Poetic web server
Area 404
Molecular Expressions: Images from the Microscope
The web page from hell
Custom receipts
Funny Things To Do With Your Microwave Oven Page
Useless Information Home Page
Alex's Paper Airplanes
A collection of End-of-World scenarios
Industious Clock ||| MONO*CRAFTS
The Programmable Web
Quote Database
Cooking for Engineers
The house, on-line
Shuttle launch procedures
Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol
The Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite
Laugh along with GNU
Doomsday Algorithm for Day of Week
A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.
Online Comics

Some personal pages

Andrew S. Tanenbaum
Eric S. Raymond's Home Page
Andries E. Brouwer
Jan Kratochvil projects
Miquel van Smoorenburg site
Amit Singh's Kernelthread
Hayo Baan fotografie
HP Labs people pages

And the rest....

flatplanet, an interface to xplanet
The XML cover pages
Audicity sound editor
TV Technology
Audio plugins
What's the difference between a cipher and a code? Encryption schemes explained
Handbook of Applied Cryptography
Steve Friedl's Tech Tips
Famous Unsolved Codes and Ciphers
trinary algebra in logic circuit design
Light Reading - The Global Site For Optical Networking
World of Windows Networking
Tangentsoft - Audio, Video, Photo, Windows Programming
CWI - Mathematics and Computer Science
Gamasutra - The Art & Science of Making Games
The United Nations Cartographic Section
De Winter Information Solutions
The Jini community
The best online learning centers
Tie Knots and Random Walks
SpywareInfo - Spyware and Hijackware Removal Specialists
Paul Debevec Homepage on Computer Graphics
Real-Time Rendering Resources
TAPR kits & projects The largest computer in the world
Atomic Void: The Legend Continues
Pretty Good Privacy FAQ
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Publishers
AI lab VUB
Talking Heads experiment
Computational evolutionary lingistics
Java security site
Getting to grips with Latex
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