OS/2 Were can I start? Way back in the eigthies Mickysoft and IBM teamed up to create the next generation operating system for the Personal Computer/Advanced Technology. Parallel projects were started on Windows and OS/2. The project teams looked at the other's work and benefited from it (or suffered from it: the SIQ problem in OS/2 and the boot warning in WinNT. Both resolved now). All this until Mickysoft and IBM got into a fight and split up. Mickysoft went on with Windows while IBM continued work on OS/2.

The Java Lobby Which one is better? That is more of a religious thing than objective observation. Looking at technology OS/2 clearly is the better Operating System, looking at marketing push Windows heads the league. Will they ever meet? I think we have to wait while Mickysoft pushes everyone from Win 3.1x, via Win95 and Win98 into the WinNT era. But by then IBM has had plenty of time to work on their new OS/2 strategy.

Interesting times are to come. In the mean time many software enthusiasts are working on all kinds of very good OS/2 software. Just check out the

OS/2 e-zine
to read the latest OS/2 news, product evaluations and rumors.

For the best developer information check out the Electronic OS/2 Developer' Magazine

Take a look at memsys for software. Or go to

Look for eComStation, WarpUP and the Hobbes archive for the latest pay-, share-, free-, card- or whateverware. You'll see there is plenty fo it.

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