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Hello there,

This is my home page. My name is Jaap Keuter. Then why is this page called "Jake's HomePage"? Well, for several reasons. First of all, the name Jaap is too complicated for most of the English speaking people I meet. So once I sat down at the bar with an American girl and figured it out. Jaap is derived from Jacob which derives to Jake in English. Further more, I use my initials and the first letter of my surname, which results in jak (without the e), as my handle (ideal for computergame hi-score lists). Close enough, right? Not that it helps though. Last time, when I hung out with a South-African, he persistently called me James <sigh>.

Oke, now that's made clear, so let's move on. First let me introduce myself and let you in on some of the things I'm interested in. Maybe I can provide you with usefull links to subjects of interest. If you want to chat about them or about anything else just write me through my personal mailbox. Dutch 2 Way Challenge


* click here te read about Me.

* click here to check out my collection of bookmarks. Live view on my dropzone Jake's World Team blog

Team M8trix

* click here to read about skydiving.

* click here to read about my World Team Blog.

Europe World 2009

* click here to read about my 8-way team.

* click here to download skydiving symbols.

* click here to read about Canopy Control Seminar (in Dutch).

* click here to read about Bigway Formation Skydiving (in Dutch).

I'm CCNA Certified Wireshark Network Protocol Analyzer SharkFest


* Wireshark: A Network Protocol Analyzer.

* Dvorak Simplified Keyboard Layout Hardware Hacking Guide.

* The definitive guide to the Compaq Armada 4100 Family Convenience Base Ethernet connection for Linux.

* click here to read about OS/2. Slashdot FreeBSD Linux

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications

* click here to read about DECT.

The Tao of programming

The DECT pages * click here to read about Tao.

* and here for my momemt of Tao.

* a Linux moment of Tao (look for SIOCSIGNETMASK).

The fun part

* click here for a poets view on PC troubles. Ars Technica The Dilbert Zone

* click here for great taglines.

* click here for fun stories out of the blue sky. Registered Linux user 237446 Multiple-image Network Graphics Portable Network Graphics

* click here for fun reasons why webpages are missing.

Written by my own two hands and an ASCII editor. Problems? write me Last updated August 1, 2007 Cypres, just use it!
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